Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fifth day of training (intercultural shock and social inclusion)

This morning we had an exercise that was indeed connected to everyday youth work. We had to solve three situations in groups in which we were working with situations where there were special needs. Actually, in real life we are also facing situations when we have some participants who are a little bit different from the majority, but as our aim is to include all the participants to work effectively and become a close group, we have to think how to solve this.

In the afternoon session, we shared views on cultural shock. We heard different stories about interecutlural shocks from different people. We concluded that we need research before going to a new place. We are able to recognise the stages of this cultural shock so in this way we can try to overcome it more easily. This workshop will be very useful if you for example move to another country or if you take your group to another country especially if they have not been travelling much.
During the training each day our group of participants is walking to the restaurant Atheus in Petralia Sottana where we are provided with lunch and dinner. This experience is engaging us with vivid conversations. Here are some of our moments.

Our first meal was a wonderful self-made pasta that we have never tried before. It was soft and filled with some cheese inside and served with fresh tomato sauce. Oh, it tasted so good! It went with parmezan that the host brought us in a bowl. We always have some special requests that he is happy to fulfill and of course we keep on eating as long as food is coming! Giuseppe and chef Alessandro always try to find out something new and tasty for us! They put all their skills and caring in the food. The place is also a very great experience. Besides being friendly, Giuseppe, the owner, has migrant workers, so in a way he is providing work and a safe place that can connect them to the local community.

That's why this place is the best for sharing life experience and of course funny stories! With the help of these times together that we share around food we can also talk about our different cultures and food.
Elina, Leo, Annamaria

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