Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 7
Today was a positive day overall. The day started with an energizer from Elina that was a lot of fun and interesting. It was about bananas, apple, peers everyone had a task and role that included physical activity.
Afterwards we started with the workshop, it was about Media Literacy. The workshop was followed by a group activity that included making a '' one shot'' video. We were splitted in three group and each group had different tasks that needed to be made into a video.Every group had a task to made a video that included propaganda, hoax or spin the truth.
The activity was really interesting and useful, we had a lot of ideas how to make the video, all of participant took a role in the videos that transfered a good message.
The first group had a task to present the accommodation and the surroundings in the best way possible.
The second group had a task to make an interview with the participants and hear their story about the project and why they are here.
The third group had a task to show gratitude to the major  the municipality and the local citizens where the project took place.

Later we had a delicious plate of spagetti with tomato sauce and as always we had Italian salad.
After lunch we had an activity about a visit of the tribe ''Albatros'' and their culture and customs. There was a husband and a wife and guests who are coming to their house. At first we had impression that men are superior over women but after the story finished we understood that they are equal and even women have more privilages than men. Because their way of greeting was unusual for the guests. Men were sitting higher than women and they sat on chair, they greeted other men by rubbing their knees together. Women were sitting next to the men on their knees and they were greeting other women by touching their legs.
This is unusual for many European cultures. So we understood that we need to be familiar with the culture, show respect and don't judge.
We had a wonderful chicken for dinner and later we had a farewell party for three guys who were leaving the next day ''Elina, Aris and Aidar''.
The night was interesting and we finished the day.

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