Saturday, April 8, 2017

It was a sunny day. As usual we had a breakfast and had energyzer which helped us to awake. Mesut and Anna Marie prepared a workshop about Intercultural conflict resolution. We saw a video clip against racism by american band Black Eyed Piece.

Then our leaders came up with a great idea to arrange a little theatre performance when 3 divided groups showed different cultural conflict circumstances. Our group should present a problem between youth leader and participant. Aidar played a very strict and rude principal so he was pushing Ivan. He could not stand it and they argued. Then other participants tryed to calm them down and build a bridge between Ivan and Aidar. It worked. They excuse each other and became friends.

Talking was so interesting and dynamic that we did not notice the car. Finishing discussion, having a sandwich did not take long. After half of hour we were going to amazing city Cefal├╣ by minibus. Youth leaders arrived there and we saw a stunning coast of Tyrrhenian Sea, beautiful narrow streets and old appealing building. We very enjoyed to walk around the city. After all the group was a very tired but happy.

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