Thursday, January 12, 2017

From Ninjas to NGOs
Introduction of the media education and our work - getting on the topic
 - summary of the second day -

The participants were still keeping the number 1 rule of the international seminar, namely to be on time for the workshops. We all gathered in the training room, that by now became our headquarters for learning, sharing and having fun.

Monica encouraged us - with a somewhat scary but positive smile on her face - that we need energy, so after this slight pressure we happily believed that we need an energizer. We all became Ninjas, even though for some of us it was hard to understand how to use and save the hands in the activity. We cannot even figure out what would happen if we got nunchakus! 

Following the survival game, Sasha presented the program, the aims and the flow of the activities and asked Andrea to share a method that she is using in her organisation as a warm-up activity for introducing communication and the mechanisms of media. Hugo the snow-man became a show-man as we all had to throw the small and soft puppet to one of the other participants. Hugo was followed by other, less friendly friends of his, so soon we ended up throwing a battery, a scarf and even a lock was circulated in the room. We discussed what was the easiest and the hardest to throw and why and we talked about the different solutions we used to pass the object to our target. The whole activity ended up in summarizing the "w" questions and making a parallel between the activity of throwing and passing a message or communicating with others. So from now we keep an eye on what, who, to whom, where, when, why and how communicates.

Empowered by the Ninja techniques and the "w" questions, we got into small groups and started to discuss and takes notes on different topics on what is media, how we can define and group them, what are their characteristics and how they influence us and the public in general. The words like censorship, unbiased (impartial) information and political manipulation created a quick, hot and healthy debate during which a new rule was introduced - namely one after the other in talking. We defined media education and what should be included in it and we all shared our own ways of consuming media and media content. One thing is for sure: the media literacy and media education is not satisfactory in any of the participating countries.

Trust me!

After a delicious lunch we returned to the safe seminar room. This time Alex was the leader of the energizer, which started with a sentence “you all must believe me”. After doubts in the beginning of this activity, we realized that if we want, we can really trust each other that the others will not let us “fall down”…literally.

After the energizer we started to work on the "Praha News". This time it was quite biased as all the "news" were about the projects and organisations of the participants. We got 3 minutes per organisation to present what we wanted to highlight in our work. This time Monica took the role of the time-keeper, so we had someone to blame if we could not finish with our messages. The presentations were followed by an NGO market, where more materials, ideas and projects were shared in a free-style way and we all got a more clarified idea on what the others are doing, what motivate them and keeps the organisations moving to make the world a better place.

Praha News Presentation

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