Thursday, January 12, 2017

The turkish team arrived!

Tuesday, the 10th of January, in the seminar was busy and full with new ideas and interesting and innovative methods and tools.
This day was devoted mostly to the topics of Critical thinking and Cultural awareness as a part of the media education. During various non formal activities the group was invited to critically analyze the messages and communication techniques in different examples of music video clips and posters. After getting a deeper understanding about how differently the content in media can be created and what influences the objectivity of it and learning how to recognize such techniques as product placement or manipulation, the participants had a chance to create their own content that would express a specific and defined message. The outcomes were just surprising.
The videos, discussions and  analytical skills and knowledge about strategies commonly used in media.

For the topic of Cultural awareness a very interesting and eye opening method called ‘Albatross’ was used that opened an interesting discussion on the impact that media creates on the perception of cultures and the hardship for the media creators of describing a culture objectively.
Another important event this day was the arrival of the turkish team. After 3 days of delay due to climatic conditions, Aybike and Yusuf finally made their way to the project venue - hotel Prokopka.
On Tuesday evening they were very warmly welcomed by the other participants, since they just made it to the intercultural night celebration, where all the 10 different nationalities showed their country´s delicatessen, drinks, meals and specialities.
 According to the participants, one of the most successful things where the portuguese Porto wine, whose bottle mysteriously disappeared after the finnish visit, and the Macedonian Hajvar, a paste of vegetables, present in many Balkan´s countries, originally coming from Macedonia.

Later, around 23:00, the most daring participants performed their marvellous dancing abilities in an improvised after party at the conference room, with the added privilege of the presence of the famous DJ, Mr Monsieur Jean Francoise, from Cameroon, who pumped up the night with a mix of international dance hits.

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