Monday, January 9, 2017

The Begining of Media Literacy

It was a snowing cold (not too cold) day in Prague, with snow everywhere,the perfect post card picture for a white christmas. 20 Youth Workers  from 6 European countries where in the beautiful city of Prague to attend an Erasmus+ Seminar, titled “With Media Literacy towards Cultural Awareness and Tolerance”, a seminar designed to help Youth Workers to strategically use media as a tool for addressing social concerns.
Day 1 of the seminar started with a general introduction to the whole seminar , which was prompletly followed by ice breakers to build group cohesion, one such ice breaker was the use of names games to aid repitition, association and retention  of the names of each group members.
Once the group was warmed up and the energy and our brain activity was high, the project aims and objectives where expalined, giving us a good picture of the journey that we were about to take. After, we were invited to say what our expectations are of the seminar as well as the contributioned that we see ourselves making, thus to enahancing the collective learning experience.

The afternoon kicked off with a card game (DIXIT )
 which had a duel purpose, the first was more of a pyschological profiling activity (very interesting and revealing); 2ndly, it was a play into team dynamics, bringing people that had just met a few hours before, giving them random methaphoric cards and then asking them to work as a team and create a story in 20 mins, was really great!
The last activity of the day was geared around discovering for ourselves how we learn, more specifically how we learn best.  The two activities used, joggling and origami where fit for purpose, because we were having fun, yet, as was evident in the reflection at the end of the activity, we had chosen the activity to do, as well as the mode of instruction on how to do what we had to do based on our self assessed learning styles.
The key activity of the day was the Reflection time after each session, as it allowed us to bring to our concious mind all the subconcious descsions and thought proccess that we had been apply throughtout the various activities.
During one of the reflection session, we were asked to think of the most important thing that we have learnt; this I thought to be a very good question because it provoked a deep level of thought; I and the person that I was pair with to discuss this question, concluded that, it was the fact that we had learnt how we learn.

Day 1 concluded with a reflective/projective goal setting to lead us into Day 2 and beyond.

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