Saturday, January 14, 2017

14th of January

Today it was the last day and mixed feelings were in the air. Of course, after a week of activities, we were all tired but  willing to partecipate actively to the activities of the last day of the seminar. The first part of the morning was dedicated to to learn more about the Erasmus+ Programme, in order to understand the aims of it and how it works, with a deep study and a brief discussion about the Programme, learning more about the chance of development that it offers.

After that we spent some time to write down something about the next projects that the partecipants want to develop in their countries in the next future. Sharing these projects we had the chance to receive feedbacks from the group, in order to make them works and effective. The discussion was constructive and useful also to collect new ideas and to find possible partners for the projects.


After lunchtime we had a memory-saving moment: we took a group picture, to fix our friendship forever in our minds (and in our smartphones)


The Youthpass session, the first of the afternoon, was helpful to understand the importance of it, how it works and how to fill it with our new skills.


The Youthpass  giving ceremony was nice and after that it was the time for the final evaluation. Of course it was touching but also funny, and it was interesting to hear everybody's evaluation of the seminar and to know about the group's feelings about the all week. In general, everybody were satisfied and happy about the activities and tabout each other.

"Projects like this makes me feel proud to be european. We are having hard times but we have a common past, a common present and I'm sure we'll have a common future"
Alberto Panader Palacios