Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Food!
We had some.

The drinks!
Were flowing like wild rivers.

The people!
They did what they wanted ?

And now!
We catch up with the homework we didn't do before the project. :)

But to be more specifics of how was the first day, I have to make this in a bit wider perspective from the day we all had to meet at the train station in Palermo on 4th of April at 19.00. The meeting time was set and crow of participants started to arrive till Meryem came and took us under her care. Which meant leading us to the local Pizza Hut, or the first Italian guys that made for us proper pizza.

And to skip forward to the real action we had on the first day of training must start with a simple, jet awesome in its own way. Coffee and toast was there to fuel our bodies to keep up with all the energizers that was planned for us.

Beginning was with short explanations how everything will work around here from organizers and we introduced with ourselves by help of 2 name games that locks the name together with body posture. Great game, for remembering others name for groups of more than 20 people. Everything was lead with delegating the simple jobs for everyone and off we went into first activity by writing down what we Expected from this training, what kind of Fears we have and what is something we can Contribute to others and the program itself.

Then Ivan (participant from Spain) took over with his workshop by indulging us in taking photos of some participant we have spoke the less. This was great opportunity to get to know someone better and take a photo of the person. Later we took the second picture for comparison with the first one and Ivan made some observations, which lead to some great realizations that once you know person more, you put him more into the focus.

Lunch time started with ten minute walk downhill to local restaurant, where we had authentic Italian pasta with tomato sauce and salads afterwards. After meal it was complimented with the walk around local museum and slow climb back up the hill.

Recovering from great meal was combined with tea or coffee for everyone's liking and will to prepare the drink for themselves and soon after Sasha (organizer) started workshop of understanding how we learn the best by putting out the core senses we use for learning.

Beginning was 10 minute silence outside and then we had core information and reflections on our experience from being silent and observing the surroundings. Great to know what bunch of peoples from completely different background and nationalities can come together and have different realizations and still have great time by sharing them.

Knowledge has been shared a lot in the first day and do believe we all have great time despite the fast changing weather here in mountains and first days challenges of cold air. But evening had came and we are all chilling together, playing games and having fun before going to sleep.

Tomorrow is our first day with having our simple works and I'm responsible for breakfast and looking forward for next training, because nothing makes us learn more, than being in the place and locking new knowledge and experience in our body' s.

Day has been great and challenging for some, as reflection and feedback time showed. But by the end of the day we start to feel more like solid and strong group of leaders and the ice has been broken, now is only the fun part left.

Great day and wish you an amazing reading of next days.

Aris Birze

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