Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hello, my friends,

Hello, my friends, 

this is the 5th day of the seminar and for a change it was led by participants. This was a way how we could spread our knowledge between youth-workers that are part of this. We started with some nice belly breathing, in other words Tai Chi (an internal Chinese martial art). From aside it might look like a zombie apocalypse,  but in fact it was much more – we discovered the importance of focus and balance in our actions.

Next activity was led by Darko. The start was a bit confusing, but when we understood why we have some kind of papers on our forehead, this become interesting. The way we tend to expell someone from our group only because we do not find them as equal as us is just amazing, even terrifying.  In our daily life we usually don’t think about these kind of stuff, because we are not the one who experiance these stuff.

Next workshop was led by Alberto – a journalist from Portugal, he explained us how important is the scenario or structure in general in the media and our individual life as well.
Alex made a workshop that was connected with teamwork and building inner trust between the participants. The workshop took place outside of the hotel we are staying in. The main goal was to make a square while the participants were blindfolded. This kind of team-building activities let defind leaders in the group.

Julia was basing her workshop on critisising media. We watched video about guys life on social media and how it differs from his real life. The next task was divided in groups, where our main goal was to focus on some special part of the video – sound, technical stuff, the main character and so on. This kind of task opened a discussion about our actions on social media and how we divide it from our real life.
Next was a workshop led by Andrea, where we had the opportuninty to be in position of a journalist and as a person giving the interview. This made us think about the methods we can use to get the information we need from someone we don’t know nothing about.
Turkish participants introduced us to improvisation theater. In their workshop we created little scenes of particular place and action combination. It opened up our mind for creativity and a little bit of fun for the evening. J

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